The Backwards K is a fantasy baseball site that provides advice, analysis, and commentary for the fantasy baseball community.  It is real living in a fantasy world.  For fantasy baseball advice, get “caught looking” at The Backwards K!

***A backwards “K” in baseball scorekeeping indicates a “strikeout looking” (i.e. where the batter does not swing at a pitch that the umpire then calls strike three.

The creator and founder of The Backwards K is Jason K.  Jason hails from Orange County, CA and his fascination with the sport of baseball began when he first participated in Little League as a 5-year old boy.  Like most young lads, Jason was very into video games, and he spent hours on end playing games like RBI Baseball, Bases Loaded, Baseball Simulator 1.000, World Series Baseball, and more.  He grew extremely fond of the sport of baseball and upon discovery of fantasy baseball in the mid 1990’s on Sandbox.net, he was absolutely hooked on the world of fantasy.  His love for math and numbers was very complementary to the nuances of fantasy baseball, and he found much success in a variety of leagues.  Fast forward to today and The Backwards K is in full effect!

Contact information:

Jason:  E-mail – Jason@TheBackwardsK.com / Twitter – @TheBackwardsK


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