Top 75 Outfielders for 2015 Fantasy Baseball

*The order of these rankings are based on a valuation system for a 5×5 roto scoring league with 5 games played minimum for position eligibility.  This is not necessarily the order I would draft these players in, as different factors should impact which player to choose.

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  1. Mike Trout – There’s no denying that Trout is the number one guy here, but believe it or not, there was a lot to be desired from him in 2014.  He was swinging for the fences last year it seemed, as his fly ball rate had a huge spike and his strikeout rate did as well.  Also, his SB total was down significantly as he moved out of the leadoff spot and hit the whole year batting 2nd in front of Albert Pujols.  Even if Trout fails to improve in these areas, he is still an amazing player and should rank amongst the top 5 fantasy players when it’s all said and done.  But if he can improve in those areas, it’s going to be very scary for the league.  2015 projection: .307 AVG, 33 HR, 102 RBI, 112 R, 21 SB, 157 K, 84 BB in 597 AB
  2. Andrew McCutchen – Steady and consistent and can contribute across the board.  He won’t wow in any one particular area, but is good in every category. 2015 projection: .307 AVG, 23 HR, 93 RBI, 96 R, 22 SB, 114 K, 80 BB in 574 AB
  3. Giancarlo Stanton – Monstrous power and now that he has Dee Gordon and an improving Christian Yelich hitting in front of him, his RBI upside is much greater.  2015 projection: .276 AVG, 38 HR, 107 RBI, 8 SB, 163 K, 88 BB in 532 AB
  4. Carlos Gomez – The now all of a sudden “better” Car-Go has gone 20/30 in the last two seasons, and narrowly missed it in 2012.  That is definitely fantasy gold.  I don’t like his poor strikeout to walk ratio and that is bound to hurt him one of these years, but he should still remain a top outfielder for at least a couple more seasons.  2015 projection: .279 AVG, 24 HR, 33 SB, 72 RBI, 90 R, 149 K, 43 BB in 591 AB
  5. Jose Bautista – I went over Bautista in my Top 25 First Basemen.  2015 projection: .271 AVG, 32 HR, 96 RBI, 92 R, 6 SB, 96 K, 88 BB in 509 AB
  6. Yasiel Puig – On a rate basis, Puig’s 2014 season paled in comparison to his rookie year when he took the league by storm.  He should continue to blossom and is one of a handful of players with the potential to just explode and destroy my projections for him.  2015 projection: .298 AVG, 20 HR, 80 RBI, 93 R, 15 SB, 125 K, 65 BB in 568 AB
  7. Adam Jones Jones has been an extremely steady performer over the last four seasons, but he is a player that I will likely never own.  His strikeout to walk ratio is disgusting and keeps getting worse and worse.  He had 133 K to just 19 BB last year!  You know what to expect from him, but his upside is limited and out of a 1st or 2nd round pick, I would like a player that has some “wow” factors.  2015 projection: .277 AVG, 28 HR, 95 RBI, 86 R, 11 SB, 132 K, 24 BB in 638 AB
  8. Jacoby Ellsbury – We all knew he would never hit 32 HR again like he did in 2011, but he then hit only 4 in 2012 and 9 in 2013.  In his first season as a Yankee, Ellsbury saw his HR total increase to 16.  The increase was expected since Yankee Stadium has that short porch in RF for left-handed hitters, but he actually had more HR on the road than at home last year.  So if he can take more advantage of his home stadium dimensions this year, then he could possibly eclipse 20 HR.  2015 projection: .289 AVG, 17 HR, 70 RBI, 86 R, 36 SB, 91 K, 47 BB in 589 AB
  9. Starling Marte  Marte began the season very poorly last year, but he had a second half surge that has turned him into a very sexy fantasy pick this year.  He has great speed with emerging power.  While some may argue his .373 BABIP last year is not sustainable, he still should be able to maintain a high mark due to his wheels and the authority which he hits the ball.  He is slated to bat 5th for the Pirates this year as opposed to 1st or 2nd like he has in the past.  So pretty much he is going to trade runs for RBI, but still should have plenty of chances to steal bags hitting in front of the bottom of the lineup.  2015 projection: .290 AVG, 16 HR, 80 RBI, 75 R, 37 SB, 141 K, 33 BB in 559 AB
  10. Ryan Braun – Now that he is off the PED’s, Braun is not going to be the .320/35/110/110/30 type player that he once was.  But he still can be a useful guy to have, especially if his thumb is all healed.  2015 projection: .280 AVG, 25 HR, 92 RBI, 83 R, 13 SB, 121 K, 51 BB in 576 AB
  11. Corey Dickerson – Dickerson had an amazing season last year and did so in a semi-limited role.  The Rockies outfield was so crowded that Dickerson was often on the bench in games versus lefties.  However, Dickerson should find himself in the lineup more this year, but that might not necessarily be a good thing.  If he is in the lineup more, that should help his counting stats, but it could negatively affect his batting average if he faces more left-handed pitching.  He will continue to take advantage of hitting at Coors Field, but if he were to ever switch teams, he would look a lot less glamorous.  I see Dickerson as a bit overrated for this year.  2015 projection: .297 AVG, 25 HR, 78 RBI, 83 R, 10 SB, 121 K, 43 BB in 542 AB
  12. Jorge Soler  I went over Soler in my This Year’s Jose Abreu.  2015 projection: .284 AVG, 30 HR, 97 RBI, 73 R, 5 SB, 130 K, 47 BB in 536 AB
  13. Michael Brantley  Brantley was just about the biggest surprise of the 2014 season, so naturally there is going to be some predicted regression.  However, he should be able to maintain some of that production and still turn out to be a solid fantasy player.  2015 projection: .298 AVG, 14 HR, 82 RBI, 84 R, 17 SB, 66 K, 49 BB in 601 AB
  14. Mookie Betts – I went over Betts in my This Year’s Jose Altuve.  I did it all for the Mookie, yeah!  2015 projection: .294 AVG, 13 HR, 58 RBI, 96 R, 30 SB, 80 K, 62 BB in 541 AB
  15. Christian Yelich  At the young age of 23, Yelich is already showing his Joey Votto-like capability of not hitting fly balls in the infield.  Guys with low infield fly ball rates usually are guys who can have high BABIP’s, which in turn gives good upside in the AVG department.  I expect Yelich to take more steps forward this year and add a little more power.  If he can decrease his strikeouts then he can have the chance to flirt with .300.  Moving out of the leadoff spot to make way for Dee Gordon, Yelich will hit 2nd, which pretty much doesn’t hurt him in the runs category and it gives him a boost in RBI potential.  2015 projection: .292 AVG, 12 HR, 71 RBI, 98 R, 20 SB, 134 K, 73 BB in 586 AB
  16. Matt Kemp Kemp is probably glad to be out of the limelight in LA, which could ease the pressure off of him for 2015.  However, the move to Petco Park could be a rough one.  2015 projection: .284 AVG, 23 HR, 87 RBI, 79 R, 9 SB, 152 K, 54 BB in 571 AB
  17. George Springer – Springer showed his potential when he went on a month long HR tear last season.  However, he only stole 5 bases, which left a lot to be desired.  He stole 45 bases the previous season in the Minors, so what gives?  Well, he was likely dealing with some sort of ailment that prevented him from showing off his wheels.  So with better health, I would expect him to eclipse the 20 SB mark.  The large number of strikeouts are going to be concerning though, and it’s going to make it difficult for him to hit higher than .250.   2015 projection: .247 AVG, 29 HR, 87 RBI, 79 R, 23 SB, 182 K, 71 BB in 526 AB
  18. Carlos Gonzalez  The other Car-Go has averaged 117 games played in 5 seasons since he became a full-time player.  That is a problem.  2015 projection: .283 AVG, 24 HR, 79 RBI, 79 R, 8 SB, 128 K, 45 BB in 491 AB
  19. Bryce Harper We are all still waiting for the true Bryce breakout.  This situation reminds me of Jason Heyward when he first broke into the league.  He was a prospect breaking into the league.  He was the next big thing and while he has had some quality seasons and been a good real life player, he has undoubtedly not lived up to expectations.  The Bryce breakout could come at any moment, but until it happens I am going to be more on the conservative side for his projections.  2015 projection: .278 AVG, 22 HR, 83 RBI, 74 R, 11 SB, 121 K, 57 BB in 497 AB
  20. J.D. Martinez  Incredible breakout for Martinez last season after being cast off by the Astros.  He revamped his whole swing to be able to find the success that he did.  The .389 BABIP that helped him hit for a .315 AVG is not sustainable, but he still could hit around .290.  The 2015 projection: .289 AVG, 25 HR, 83 RBI, 66 R 6 SB, 149 K, 38 BB in 544 AB
  21. Billy Hamilton Hamilton should be the odds on favorite to take home the SB crown this year despite having 8 less SB than Dee Gordon last year.  2015 projection: .258 AVG, 5 HR, 47 RBI, 83 R, 71 SB, 127 K, 42 BB in 623 AB
  22. A.J. Pollock I went over Pollock in my This Year’s Michael Brantley.  2015 projection: .289 AVG, 16 HR, 50 RBI, 85 R, 25 SB, 101 K, 45 BB in 591 AB
  23. Jason Heyward ­– Donning a new uniform, Heyward finds himself in a better situation for his offensive potential.  He may have been too focused on being a table setter in Atlanta the last couple of years as their leadoff man.  But he will hit 2nd for the Cardinals initially, which should give him some more comfort with being more of a run producer than a table setter.  2015 projection: .274 AVG, 20 HR, 70 RBI, 83 R, 16 SB, 100 K, 69 BB in 551 AB
  24. Kole Calhoun – Calhoun was a favorite of mine last year and besides missing some time with a bad ankle sprain, he did not disappoint.  Hitting in front of Mike Trout and Albert Pujols, Calhoun has the potential to rack up the runs scored.  He has stolen as many as 20 bases in a season in the Minors, so he does have some SB potential.  If he can break double digits in the category then that will go a long ways into boosting his value.  2015 projection: .278 AVG, 20 HR, 64 RBI, 93 R, 7 SB, 122 K, 52 BB in 582 AB
  25. Josh Harrison – I went over Harrison in my Top 25 Second Basemen.  2015 projection: .293 AVG, 13 HR, 54 RBI, 84 R, 22 SB, 93 K, 27 BB in 618 AB
  26. Leonys Martin – A new development over Spring Training has Martin slated to be the leadoff hitter for the Rangers.  This gives him an incredible push and a lot of value as a mid-round target.  2015 projection: .275 AVG, 10 HR, 50 RBI, 87 R, 41 SB, 128 K, 42 BB in 618 AB
  27. Gregory Polanco As a rookie, Polanco struggled toward the end of last season and he attributes that to fatigue.  He has great potential, but he is probably a player that I value too much, as I could definitely see him struggling some more.  2015 projection: .276 AVG, 14 HR, 60 RBI, 83 R, 30 SB, 104 K, 57 BB in 562 AB
  28. Matt Holliday  He is still productive, but slowly tailing off.  2015 projection: .277 AVG, 19 HR, 84 RBI, 80 R, 4 SB, 96 K, 66 BB in 531 AB
  29. Justin Upton  Like Kemp, the home park switch is a bummer for the younger Upton.  However, Upton does his monstrous shots, so his HR total may not be affected too much.  Although, he is still not a player that I would want to draft.  2015 projection: .263 AVG, 24 HR, 86 RBI, 76 R, 7 SB, 164 K, 63 BB in 560 AB
  30. Ryan Zimmerman I went over Zimmerman in my Top 25 Third Basemen.  2015 projection: .282 AVG, 22 HR, 82 RBI, 72 R, 3 SB, 103 K, 55 BB in 531 AB
  31. Jayson Werth  I would expect about the same type of production from Werth that he has last year if he can stay healthy.  2015 projection: .283 AVG, 16 HR, 74 RBI, 81 R, 8 SB, 110 K, 68 BB in 499 AB
  32. Alex Gordon So it appears that we have come to expect Gordon to be a .265 hitter with 20 HR and 10 SB.  Boring but useful.  2015 projection: .269 AVG, 18 HR, 79 RBI, 81 R, 10 SB, 130 K, 63 BB in 573 AB
  33. Yoenis Cespedes  With the Tigers, Cespedes can have some nice RBI potential.  But he has been a disappointment the last two seasons after having a very impressive rookie season.  2015 projection: .261 AVG, 25 HR, 85 RBI, 70 R, 7 SB, 124 K, 38 BB in 564 AB
  34. Ben Revere The closest thing to Juan Pierre.  2015 projection: .299 AVG, 1 HR, 30 RBI, 79 R, 47 SB, 58 K, 30 BB in 603 AB
  35. Jay Bruce ­ Ever since an online draft room crapped out on me several years ago and drafted me Jay Bruce, I have had a bit of a disdain for the fellow.  2015 projection: .250 AVG, 26 HR, 84 RBI, 71 R, 8 SB, 152 K, 53 BB in 524 AB
  36. Joc Pederson The left-handed version of George Springer?  Yung Joc should have a starting role for the Dodgers, but could experience some rookie struggles.  2015 projection: .259 AVG, 21 HR 74 RBI, 67 R, 20 SB, 150 K, 63 BB in 482 AB
  37. Adam Eaton Hitting leadoff for an improved White Sox lineup, Eaton is a sleeper to lead the league in runs scored.  2015 projection: .297 AVG, 5 HR, 43 RBI, 91 R, 20 SB, 93 K, 57 BB in 546 AB
  38. Nelson Cruz Cruz is now in Seattle where it shouldn’t be as easy to hit HR.  However, more concerning should be his durability.  Now in his mid-30’s and never having been the model of good health, Cruz can pull a hammy at any time.  2015 projection: .261 AVG, 27 HR, 85 RBI, 64 R, 4 SB, 125 K, 43 BB in 518 AB
  39. Rusney Castillo Rusney should be starting over Shane Victorino and it would be a major disappointment if he doesn’t.  2015 projection: .280 AVG, 14 HR, 67 RBI, 69 R, 21 SB, 95 K, 37 BB in 518 AB
  40. Melky Cabrera The Melk-Man moving to Chi-town.  I liked him last year but I think he tails off a little this year.  2015 projection: .286 AVG, 13 HR, 66 RBI, 80 R, 6 SB, 76 K, 43 BB in 563 AB
  41. Charlie Blackmon  Blackmon was ridiculous in the first half last year, but his second half performance was probably much more indicative of what to expect from him this year.  2015 projection: .281 AVG, 15 HR, 56 RBI, 71 R, 21 SB, 87 K, 25 BB in 530 AB
  42. Steve Pearce  I went over Pearce in my Top 25 First Basemen.  2015 projection: .270 AVG, 24 HR, 77 RBI, 64 R, 4 SB, 106 K, 53 BB in 466 AB
  43. Marcell Ozuna  Power upside.  2015 projection: .260 AVG, 23 HR, 83 RBI, 66 R, 7 SB, 149 K, 37 BB in 562 AB
  44. Hunter Pence  A freak injury is what has Pence so low in the rankings here.  But he should come back from the DL and perform just like he normally does.  2015 projection: .271 AVG, 18 HR, 76 RBI, 66 R, 11 SB, 105 K, 42 BB in 521 AB
  45. Lorenzo Cain  It looks like Cain might be the #3 hitter for the Royals.  A bit of an odd choice as he does not really have that much power potential, but as long as he is hitting there then he will have decent RBI opportunities.  2015 projection: .272 AVG, 8 HR, 70 RBI, 72 R, 24 SB, 132 K, 36 BB in 585 AB
  46. Khris Davis  Power upside.  2015 projection: .258 AVG, 24 HR, 75 RBI, 68 R, 6 SB, 124 K, 40 BB in 508 AB
  47. Avisail Garcia  He missed most of last season with an injury, but he does have some sneaky appeal.  2015 projection: .274 AVG, 18 HR, 73 RBI, 60 R, 11 SB, 124 K, 28 BB in 522 AB
  48. Shin-Soo Choo  Choo dealt with an injury that prevented him from stealing bases last year.  However, the low SB total is not the only thing that made him a huge bust.  The Rangers are going to regret this one.  2015 projection: .266 AVG, 16 HR, 54 RBI, 85 R, 12 SB, 140 K, 68 BB in 538 AB
  49. Mark Trumbo  I went over Trumbo in my Top 25 First Basemen.  2015 projection: .239 AVG, 29 HR, 84 RBI, 63 R, 3 SB, 158 K, 44 BB in 552 AB
  50. Desmond Jennings  I want to say that Jennings has some breakout potential this year in his age 28 season.  His power could emerge even further and he could end up being the primary #3 hitter for the Rays as the season goes on.  2015 projection: .256 AVG, 15 HR, 70 RBI, 67 R, 19 SB, 112 K, 50 BB in 511 AB
  51. Martin Prado  I went over Prado in my Top 25 Second Basemen.  2015 projection: .281 AVG, 11 HR, 72 RBI, 70 R, 4 SB, 73 K, 36 BB in 569 AB
  52. Travis Snider I went over Snider in my This Year’s J.D. Martinez 2015 projection: .276 AVG, 21 HR, 68 RBI, 60 R, 2 SB, 107 K, 48 BB in 467 AB
  53. Steven Souza  Souza was acquired by the Rays in the off-season, and he is a guy that just tore up the Minors last year.  This will be his age 26 season, so one has to wonder why it has taken him so long to get a full-time opportunity in the Majors.  20/20 potential is there, but I think that he is going to struggle to make contact and not live up to any type of hype that he has been given.  2015 projection: .258 AVG, 16 HR, 63 RBI, 64 R, 20 SB, 141 K, 54 BB in 466 AB
  54. Brandon Moss  A definite power threat, but his bad hip may come back to haunt him this year.  2015 projection: .240 AVG, 26 HR, 80 RBI, 65 R, 1 SB, 152 K, 55 BB in 492 AB
  55. Ben Zobrist  I went over Zobrist in my Top 25 Second Basemen 2015 projection: .262 AVG, 10 HR, 63 RBI, 82 R, 10 SB, 88 K, 71 BB in 569 AB
  56. Alex Rios – Rios’ days of fantasy relevance may be coming to an end.  He saw massive declines in both HR and SB last year.  He may see some type of a rebound in SB this year as a member of the aggressive Royals, but the power just may not be there anymore.  2015 projection: .273 AVG, 9 HR, 63 RBI, 62 R, 21 SB, 95 K, 26 BB in 523 AB
  57. Michael Saunders – Saunders made for a nice sleeper before he suffered an injury.  However, he may not end up missing too much time of the regular season.  He will be an interesting part of a powerful lineup.  2015 projection: .266 AVG, 18 HR, 64 RBI, 61 R, 10 SB, 123 K, 52 BB in 466 AB
  58. Wil Myers – The third new Padres outfielder.  And the third one that I will be avoiding.  2015 projection: .249 AVG, 18 HR, 64 RBI, 76 R, 8 SB, 149 K, 60 BB in 554 AB
  59. Brett Gardner  Where did all his SB go the last couple years?  At least he made up for it with 17 HR last year, but I wouldn’t count on that again.  2015 projection: .253 AVG, 10 HR, 53 RBI, 80 R, 21 SB, 131 K, 57 BB in 549 AB
  60. Michael Morse – Yet another guy with power upside and not much else.  2015 projection: .271 AVG, 19 HR, 70 RBI, 60 R, 0 SB, 133 K, 34 BB in 495 AB
  61. Dexter Fowler – As the new leadoff man for the Cubs, that should give him a little more appeal. 2015 projection: .269 AVG, 10 HR, 43 RBI, 79 R, 17 SB, 120 K, 72 BB in 480 AB
  62. Austin Jackson  He has been overrated his whole career, and now that he is a Mariner instead of a Tiger, hopefully that will stop.  2015 projection: .267 AVG, 9 HR, 50 RBI, 76 R, 17 SB, 136 K, 47 BB in 559 AB
  63. Kevin Kiermaier – An interesting deep sleeper who has 15/15 potential.  2015 projection: .266 AVG, 13 HR, 54 RBI, 69 R, 15 SB, 110 K, 43 BB in 546 AB
  64. David Peralta – I would be very intrigued by Peralta as a deep sleeper, but the uncertainty of where Yasmany Tomas is going to play is affecting that.  He could have Corey Dickerson type of breakout potential if he finds himself with a starting role.  2015 projection: .284 AVG, 14 HR, 54 RBI, 60 R, 9 SB, 72 K, 30 BB in 468 AB
  65. Torii Hunter – I thought that Hunter would be a bench player by now, but he is still churning.  Good for him!  2015 projection: .271 AVG, 14 HR, 70 RBI, 60 R, 4 SB, 97 K, 22 BB in 517 AB
  66. Denard Span – Will be on the DL to begin the season and is due for some regression.  Not a great combination.  2015 projection: .286 AVG, 4 HR, 34 RBI, 78 R, 19 SB, 62 K, 43 BB in 531 AB
  67. Carl Crawford – Remember when Crawford was considered as a 1st round pick?  2015 projection: .283 AVG, 9 HR, 44 RBI, 58 R, 23 SB, 70 K, 24 BB in 448 AB
  68. Norichika Aoki – Aoki can provide some sneaky value hitting at the top of the Giants lineup.  2015 projection: .284 AVG, 4 HR, 40 RBI, 73 R, 18 SB, 52 K, 46 BB in 518 AB
  69. Domonic Brown – Just when we thought Brown had his breakout in 2013 he goes and puts up the polar opposite season in 2014.  2015 projection: .257 AVG, 17 HR, 68 RBI, 57 R, 7 SB, 94 K, 42 BB in 478 AB
  70. Marlon Byrd – Not exactly sure how Byrd has found so much power this late in his career.  2015 projection: .249 AVG, 20 HR, 72 RBI, 58 R, 3 SB, 156 K, 30 BB in 515 AB
  71. Nick Markakis – Good real life player, bad fantasy life player.  2015 projection: .272 AVG, 10 HR, 48 RBI, 79 R, 2 SB, 81 K, 59 BB in 611 AB
  72. Michael Bourn – Will he rediscover his wheels?  2015 projection: .261 AVG, 4 HR, 43 RBI, 75 R, 23 SB, 142 K, 44 BB in 563 AB
  73. Drew Stubbs – Stubbs is truly a player you would only want for leagues where you set your lineup daily.  Put him in your lineup when he’s at home versus a left-handed pitcher and you are good to go.  2015 projection: .259 AVG, 15 HR, 42 RBI, 63 R, 16 SB, 133 K, 35 BB in 401 AB
  74. Curtis Granderson – I am surprised that he has cracked the top 75.  2015 projection: .247 AVG, 17 HR, 60 RBI, 61 R, 7 SB, 135 K, 62 BB in 493 AB
  75. Dalton Pompey – This speedster will be the center fielder for the Blue Jays, but he will hit at the bottom of the lineup.  His speed will definitely play in fantasy for as long as he as a starting role.  2015 projection: .253 AVG, 6 HR, 44 RBI, 57 R, 32 SB, 108 K, 44 BB in 439 AB


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