Get Caught Looking!

Hello, everyone!  Welcome to The Backwards K!  Whether you are a fantasy sports rookie, veteran, or hall of famer, The Backwards K is here to deliver fantasy advice and content that can help propel you to that fantasy crown.  This is real living in a fantasy world, so you’re going to want to get caught looking at The Backwards K.

For a brief introduction of myself, my name is Jason, I hail from Orange County, California, and I work for a great organization that provides services to adults and children with special needs.  However, first and foremost, I am a fantasy sports enthusiast.  I have been playing fantasy sports since I was a teenager in the mid-1990’s when this whole “Internet” thing was becoming popular.  Back then, Ugueth Urbina was very fantasy relevant and was attempting to close out games for the Expos instead of attempting to close out the lives of farm workers with a machete.  At least Urbina got a biopic deal out of it, starring the one and only Danny Trejo as Ugueth Urbina (*SPOILER ALERT before clicking the link: the movie is “Machete”).  Also back then it was not Yahoo, ESPN, or CBS Sports as the fantasy sports industry leader.  Instead it was a company called Sandbox that was revolutionizing the sports world (before going bankrupt in 2002), forever changing my life.  My days as a Sandbox user are still with me as two keeper leagues that I am the commissioner of still use the same ancient scoring system that in this day and age heavily favors pitchers since the steroid era is over.  My fantasy sports experience as a whole includes a (figurative) wall full of fantasy baseball championship trophies, as well as some scattered trophies in fantasy football, fantasy basketball, and fantasy hockey.  So you don’t have to treat my words as if I am Biff Tannen and have gone back to the future and acquired a sports almanac, but I am well versed in fantasy.

So without further adieu, let’s get on with the show and start talking some fantasy baseball for the 2015 season!


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